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Reading and writing does not have to be a painful activity!

Receive high-quality intervention tutoring from Dr. M, a Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist and an Orton Gillingham trained practitioner.


"Micah greatly leveraged my son’s learning during a two year period. With his challenging learning profile, we were so grateful to identify a tutor who not only had the extensive Orton Gillingham expertise, but also the empathy and compassion required to inspire our then young son. As a result of his work with Micah, he caught up to grade level on reading. We will always be grateful."

What to Expect When Pursuing Tutoring at Liberated Literacy
Pricing for steps 2 & 3 do not apply to Learning Aid Ohio or ACE Ohio recipients


Free, Virtual Consultation

A 30 minute conversation will enable you to ask any questions you have about my approach and allow me to learn more about your child, their strengths, and their needs. There is absolutely no cost commitment for this consultation. If you decide that you want to pursue tutoring, I will send you a form and schedule an intake session.


Virtual Exploratory session Session

The suggested price for an exploratory session is $45. At Liberated Literacy, we never want money to be a barrier, so if you have significant financial difficulties, and the intake fee is not feasible, please let me know so that we can find a solution that works for both of us. 


In order for the exploratory session to be as productive as possible, please complete the intake form prior to the meeting. The goal of the exploratory session is for me to assess the student’s needs, how frequently they would need tutoring, and for all parties to officially decide whether Liberated Literacy Tutoring is a good fit. 


Deciding to Move Forward

If we all agree to proceed, we will schedule regular tutoring sessions, establish a payment plan, and agree on a place to meet or if we will meet virtually.


Again, Liberated Literacy strives to make tutoring as affordable as possible, so we do offer a sliding scale fee structure.

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