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Dr. Wittmer provides consulting services that extend beyond one-off professional development keynotes, lectures, or workshops to provide ongoing support for your middle school faculty. 

Dr. Wittmer will:

  • provide research-based curricula rooted in the science of reading with proven effectiveness when implemented with fidelity. Dr. Wittmer is well versed in intervention as well as tier 1 curricula and pedagogical approaches such as:

    • Project Read's Framing Your Thoughts and Report Form.

    • Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing.

    • Lexia.

    • Read Naturally.

    • Orton Gillingham approach.

  • establish effective assessments to monitor students' progress with literacy development. Dr. Wittmer will also assist with the analysis and interpretation of assessment data to...

    • refine the tier 1 literacy pedagogy and curricula provided to all students so that fewer students need tier 2 and 3 supports; and

    • establish a solid intervention plan based on the science of reading for your tier 2 and 3 students.

Consulting services also include

One-on-one work with teachers to support them...

  • in the classroom while they teach.

  • by debriefing and troubleshooting during prep periods, enabling  more productive planning time.

  • with implementing research-based practices.

  • with differentiating and scaffolding language skills in curriculum units and lessons. 

  • with incorporating inquiry based pedagogy and structured literacy instruction​.

Small group and one-on-one intervention support for students who need more direct and explicit instruction in:

  • decoding and encoding.

  • reading comprehension.

  • vocabulary development.

  • writing.

Support to ensure curricula and lessons are Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist by providing:

  • constructive suggestions to ensure lessons and curriculum units are presented through an anti-bias and anti-racist lens.

  • resources and materials teachers can use to supplement their units/lessons.

  • debriefing sessions after a difficult topic has been taught and the results were not ideal.

"Dr. Wittmer is a brilliant educator whose expertise is invaluable.  Her ability to view curriculum and make recommendations through both DEI and language based learning differences lenses is fantastic.  Thanks to her expertise and guidance we were able to improve our instructional practices and curriculum design  not just within the classroom, but the greater school community as a whole.   Staff, and most importantly students benefited greatly from her skills and expertise.  I greatly value and appreciate the time I had to work and learn along side her.  Speaking on a personal level, I am a much improved educator thanks to my time working with her and I will consistently refer back to what I have learned from her in my day to day design and instruction."

Tommy Cunningham
7th Grade History Instructor, Carroll School

Randall Johns, NY

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